Where have I been? Where's the new songs?

2009-10-04 16:21:22 by Lighty158

For those who are wondering why I haven't put up a new song in quite sometime...

Currently, I am in the process of saving money aside for a new computer, for two reasons...

1) My current machine has reached its limit, and no longer has the capacity to handle my music programs in an efficient manner (it's an older PC, and believe me, I have tried EVERYTHING to save money and make it work.)

2) Windows 7 is comming out VERY soon. Everyone is raving about it. Even though I have money set aside for a new machine, I figured I should wait for the new OS to be preloaded onto a system, rather than buy now then upgrade from something that has Vista. I never used Vista, and since I hear nothing but bad things about Vista, and nothing but good things about Win7, I think I'm going to be smart, and get used to one new OS.

I know I promised a whole batch of original work for everyone, and they WILL be here. I just wanted to drop by, and let everyone know that I haven't forgotten. I HOPE to have new songs up, shortly after I have a new PC with Windows 7. Until then, take care, everyone!

- Lighty


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